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Every modern society is built on two invisible and indispensable systems. The sanitary and the monetary system. Money and the sewer; connecting everybody. When something goes wrong with one of these two, our civilization is in danger. In this shadow puppet film, with a wide array of pre-cinematographic technics, we follow the journey of a cent who has fallen into the sewer system. Cloacinae is also the name of the roman goddess of the first sewer of modern civilization, the cloaca maxima, in Rome.
Made in collaboration with animator Sverre Fredriksen, composer Li Daiguo & puppetcarver Tian Xiang.
Produced by Serious Films (Rotterdam) & Institute for provocation (Beijing)
Made with help by Mondriaan Foundation, Stimulerings fonds for creative Industry, Stichting Stokroos, AFK, Confusius Stichting Leiden & Cinecrowd.
Blog about the early research and development of Cloacinae.
Making of  (Beijing) by Milena da Moura