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Every modern society is built on two invisible and indispensable systems. The sanitary and the monetary system. Money and the sewer; connecting everybody. When something goes wrong with one of these two, our civilization is in danger. In this shadow puppet film, with a wide array of pre-cinematographic technics, we follow the journey of a cent who has fallen into the sewer system. Cloacinae is also the name of the roman goddess of the first sewer of modern civilization, the cloaca maxima, in Rome.
Made in collaboration with animator Sverre Fredriksen, composer Li Daiguo & puppetcarver Tian Xiang.
Produced by Serious Films (Rotterdam) & Institute for provocation (Beijing)
Made with help by Mondriaan Foundation, Stimulerings fonds for creative Industry, Stichting Stokroos, AFK, Confusius Stichting Leiden & Cinecrowd.

Screenings (till 1/22)
46e IFFR/ Tiger Competition for Short Films -worldpremiere- (NL) 2017
59e Zinebi Festival Bilbao (Spain) 2017
5e Stop Motion México 2017
17e HAFF Holland Animation Film Festival (NL) 2017
4e Mammoth Lakes Film Festival (USA) 2017
5e Festival international Buñuel Calanda (Spain) 2017
4e Eneagrama Festival Internacional de Cine Experimental (Argentinia) 2018
1e Amehoela Film Festival (NL) 2018
10e CutOutFestival, (Mexico) 2018
11e Animatór Poznar (Poland) 2018
55e International Film Festival of Ottawa (Canada) 2018
1e This is short>> European cinemateque-vod festival 2021

Exhibitions & arts space screenings;
EYE on Art 2017
Kunstfort vijfhuizen 2018
Espac Mexico City 2018
EYE on Art around Jan Svankmajer (NL) 2019
UCCA Ullens Foundation Beijing 2019
Himalaya Art Museum Sanghai 2019
Stylo Hutong ArtHouse cinema Beijng 2019
EYE on Art Sound (with live soundtrack) (NL) 2020
MACAU international biennale, Macau 2021
Konzepthaus Laboratorium, Thun Switzerland 2022

Making of Cloacinae in Beijing by Milena da Moura
Blog about the early research and development of Cloacinae.

Cloacinae + L'eau Faux VOD:

Making of  (Beijing) by Milena da Moura