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economic ghost model

2013 Schloss Werdenberg, Switzerland
Chinese shadow figures (the faces of Deng Xiao Ping, Alan Greenspan, Milton Friedman, Karl Marx, Friedrich Hayek and John Keynes), swiss cowbells, light, wood, etc.
2013 Schloss Mediale Werdenberg
Chinese shadow figures, swiss cowbells, light, wood, etc.

Faces of smiling men floating around the surface of a 6 Ø meter round lampshade.

These are the faces of Deng Xiao Ping, Alan Greenspan, Milton Friedman, Karl Marx, Friedrich Hayek and John Keynes.

Six of the most important people in world economics from the last 100 years. The ideas of these 6 figures have dominated the world we live in today on a massive scale. With exception of Greenspan they are all dead but their ideas, like ghosts, are still very much alive and continuously being questioned and debated. None of these economic models seems to work anymore. World economics is a fragile balancing act that can collapse at any time. The marionette player is also a common used metaphor for the people in control, the people pulling the strings, the manipulators - somewhat like the characters in this installation. Here the mechanism turns against itself, against it's own creators.

The shadows casted by these figures will continuously merge, clash, fade in and fade out because of the unpredictable movements a fragile balance the mobile makes. This whole pandemonium is being accompanied by the friendly and dreamy sound of ringing bells. The continuously unruly movements of economics, sound and shadow collide and create a total image. The Swiss bells are off course a reference to the direct environment of the castle where cows are having a very good life as a very recognizable symbol of Switzerland, a country famous for it's banks and global organizations.

(1min. 30sec.)