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The fear of small numbers

2018, Kunstfort Vijfhuizen The Netherlands
Solo exhibition in 18 century dutch fortification with 12 shadow-puppet characters, all inspired by recent events on rage & economics, in front & behind rice-paper 'browsers'. A freezer with frozen numbers made from local herbal tea, that is good for the heart, is in that same space. The next room, with a velvet blue curtain and a sewer-pipe to sit on, has a phenakistiscope and the loop version of the movie Cloacinae. On the right, a room with a selection of small drawings on the subject of cellphones, candles & hygiene. The centre piece: The Fountain of Sudoku. Frozen numbers are melting and dripping inside the upside down glass-head, that are spanning the different spaces on small tea light holders.
On the left a small dark room with 13 ink on 12" paper drawings, a rotorelief-player with adjustable pitch and 1 unique vinyl various artist record with looptracks by; Fred Kienhuis, OORBEEK, Simon Wald-Lasowsky, Li Daiguo, Yvo Sprey, Harold Austbø, Mark van Tongeren, Jaap Blonk, Dick el Demasiado and Mariana Ungureanu.