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There is friction in the water. An entity of the natural environment but also a constant subject of manipulation. When water became a 'thing' that you can buy in a bottle, something changed. An experimental film with animation, puppeteering and actors.
Made together with Sverre Fredriksen.
Soundtrack; Li Daiguo
Actors; Harald Austbø, Joachim Robbrechts, Guiliana Dieni
Produced by SeriousFilm (Rotterdam)

Screenings (till 1/22)
64th Oberhausen kurzfilmTagen (-worldpremiere-) (GE) 2020
7th Bogota experimental Film Festival (Col) 2020
35th BraunschweigIFF (GE) 2021
13th Leiden Shorts Film Festival (NL) 2021
6th Eso es para Esto Monterrey Cinemateca (MX) 2021
45th Hong Kong International Film Festival (HK) 2021

exhibitions and artspacescreenings
EYE on Art (NL) 2020
W139 Amsterdam (NL) 2020

Cloacinae + L'eau Faux VOD:

Made with support from Mondriaan Foundation, Cinecrowd (Netherlands) & Anius (Taiwan)