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trash tricks trust

may 2013 Saint Petersburg, Etagi Project Space
2 performances with improvised music, shadowpuppets and trash. With; Antonina Pozdniakova (violin), Konstantin Gubenko (percussion), Dmitry Shubin (theremin, electronics) and Erika Sprey (shadow). Shadowpuppets carved by Tian Xiang.
Clips from 2 shadow improvisations with trash found in Saint Petersburg and shadowpuppets designed by Serge Onnen and carved by Tian Xiang.

Antonina Pozdniakova (violin), Konstantin Gubenko (percussion), Dmitry Shubin (theremin, electronics) Erika Sprey (shadow), Serge Onnen (shadow)

Shadow is the oldest form of cinema. A light source projecting a flat image of an object on a surface. When the light source or the object moves, the shadow transforms. This transformation is magical. Like a card trick; All you know is that it's simple. A shadow can haunt you. Hypnotize you. Plato's cave. Everything that surrounds us has a minimum of three dimensions; It's form, it's sound and it's shadow. During this performance you will witness only 2 of them; sound and shadow. Two ephermal dimensions of solid objects. When a object or organism dies or becomes trash, these identities stay alive. A dead tree becomes a violin, a dead donky's skin becomes a shadow-puppet and a empty plastic bottle becomes a beautiful image. 3000 years ago the chineese started to develop this into a theatreform by cutting out shapes of animal skin and colour these figures. The figures that will appear in TTT where all made by chinees crafmen after drawings by Serge Onnen. The caracters you will meet in front of your eyes but behind the curtain are; the baglady, the pennypicker, The vagabon, The centman, The beggar, The recyler and The trashman. People that have allways lived in every society's shadow.